Home Website of Johann Huang - Under the Hood

This is an article introducing thoughts behind the design of Johann Huang Home Website (version 20190205).

Application vs Documents

In nowadays web frontend design and development, there are 2 main categories which are SPA and jQuery-style documents.

Since I regard the home website of Johann Huang more as a collection of documents which can be viewed with web browsers (just like .docx files which can be viewed with Microsoft Word Application) than as an application with contents embedded.

From the very beginning of the home website design, I defined this home website as a collection of html documents.


Since the domain johannhuang.com is registered after my name, more or less I hope the home website, www.johannhuang.com, works as a portal to introduce myself to others and also a channel to get in touch with those who have the similar interests as me.


Therefore, the documents need to be well designed and comfortable to read. To be specific, objectives are as follows.


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